Incident report 569A: Project Leper

Subject 7A:

Cause of death: Severe head trauma

Time of death: Unknown

Subject is a humanoid of unknown age and sex, species is unidentified. Readings show considerable divine energy, enough for the subject to be a demigod or full deity. The body was found floating in the astral sea, and is of unknown origins. Subject suffers from severe skull fractures, with markings of a round blunt object likely having been the cause. The teeth of the subject are severely damaged or removed, likely due to said trauma.

Several lashings are found on the upperbody, notably along her wrists with the left hand nearlly severed. Mental readings from before death shows signs of grief, fear and other mental anguish.

It is unknown how a cadaver of this description appeared in the astral sea, readings show severe fluctuations around 815 Astral Clicks away. This could be evidence of a collapsed system.

It is unknown what could have caused such a collapse, however with signs of intelligent life having inhabited the system it is likely it was caused by mortals.

We must hope that it is caused by mortals.

-professor Radna Peralo, Insla University of the Astral Sciences

Subete no mono no owari wa sugu ni yattekuuru.7 - Rory in early 20s